Saturday, September 27, 2008


As you all know, my #1 started kindergarten this fall. We contemplated transferring her to a 'higher scoring' elementary but in the end decided to stay at our neighborhood school. One of the main reasons I chose to stay was the close proximity to our house. One of Aunt Bird's reasons for wanting us to stay was so we could walk on pretty days. We grew up in the country, which entailed 45 minute bus rides.

We have loved those walks and I have really enjoyed getting to know one mom in particular while I wait to get #1. {I don't always go, my wonderful neighbor generally picks up, as #3 is often down for her nap at 245} This week Ms K asked if #1 could come over and play with her #1. The girls were ECSTATIC to say the least. The countdown began.

This morning as I went to get something out of my van I realized the wonderful cool weather was too much to overcome. I went inside and asked who would join me on a bike ride. I had 2 takers, #1 and #2. We got dressed and headed east.

I decided to try and find the Z house because although I had seen the street name before, I couldn't be sure. The entire ride I had to tell #2 to keep his voice down, that perhaps some people were able to sleep in on Saturday mornings. What a concept, huh?

We found the house without problem and as we were turning around the family came out! We talked for a minute, Ms K offered me coffee and it was love! She had me at creamer.....

The grownups talked and the kids played for almost an hour. SO fun! When I decided that perhaps we should get home so that Mr. Brick wasn't worried about us I asked if E could come too. I could return the girls in a bit. Because the actual play date doesn't occur until after lunch. So Ms K said yes and we were off! We rode home in record time.

The whole ride I kept thinking about how fun it is to have friends in our neighborhood! Our next door neighbors are priceless as we navigate this whole school thing. Now we have the Z family to play with. I love enlarging our circle{QM, that would be an otter characteristic}......we are blessed!

Happy Saturday~


Sarah L. Knapp said...

Yay for community. I'm finding that here and am so so so thankful for it. God is good. All the time!

Donuts R Evil said...

Daddy Boy and the girls rode bikes yesterday too! Great fun! Wish we had friends in our neighborhood! Maybe I need to be more otter-like!

katemcdonald said...

I am so looking forward to getting settled and making friends...we've been in the middle of a move for a year now ugh.

Quiltermama said...

Ah! Yes, I have my days where I am otter...or is that badger...


I'm probably whatever Wendy is...We'll have to talk about our animals sometime over coffee...with creamer!