Tuesday, July 15, 2008

10 on Tuesday

My top 10 favorite drinks:

*hot coffee with lots of creamer
*diet coke with lime
*cranberry limeade
*iced coffee with two splendas and nonfat milk
*GOOD iced tea
*fountain coke zero
*white grape/peach juice
*chocolate milkshakes
*diet dr pepper from a fountain
*hot chai tea

What about you?

Happy Tuesday~


Emily said...

Ice cold Dr. Pepper

alice said...

Well, since Sweet Pea dislikes dairy, caffiene, most juices, and overly sugary treats of most kinds, WATER! (I won't type it ten times...) Looking forward to a freshly opened can of cold Diet Pepsi, Sugar Free-Nonfat-Carmel Macchiato (sp?) from Starbucks, Diet Dr. Pepper, Cran-Apple and Cran-Grape juice, morning coffee... and anything diet with caffiene! I miss caffiene...

Chalcuckles said...

Sorry I missed bible study this morning. Charlie comes home tonight and I had to finish painting the bathroom. I'll be out of town for next week's session but will be back for the last one.

My favorites:
* bottle cokes (in the small green bottles that cost $5/6 pack!)
* ice cold draft beer in a frosty mug
* full-bodied red wine
* organic whole milk (organic milk really does taste better)
* fresh, clean water
* coffee with cinnamon & organic 1/2 & 1/2

Kristen said...

Room temperature water (how lame is that)I am just so thirsty lately.

Dr. Pepper, fountain, crushed ice.

Evening glass of wine. It doesn't really matter what kind. It's more of the idea than what's actually in the glass.

Coffee brewed fresh with some cinnamon, a little sugar and half-and-half.

Sorry thats only four. Drinking too much water lately to fit anything else in!

brickmomma said...

Oh, i like my water room temp, too!

brickmomma said...
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Kathleen said...

Ice cold Starbucks vanilla frapuccinos (in the bottle) are my favorite but I also love root beer! Oh, and orange juice. Probably why I'm not losing this baby weight.:)

Sarah L. Knapp said...

1. cherry coke zero
2. coca lite (diet coke from Mexico, don't know why but it's better)
3. diet pepsi with lime
4. cranberry sparkling water from Albertson's
5. mandarin sparkling water from Walmart
6. cold water from the tap
7. strawberry milkshakes from the malt maker at my parents house
8. iced tea - plain, no sweetener
9. two percent milk (with graham crackers dipped in it!)
10. sprite zero

DeAnn said...

I like Sonic diet coke w/vanilla. I try to stick with diet drinks but every now & then a good, cold, regular full-of-caffeine-and-sugar coke tastes awesome!!

The Sebesta Family said...

1. Cranberry limeade (sometimes cherry, depends on the mood)
2. Water
3. Cold milk
4. Chocolate milkshakes
5. Dublin Dr. Pepper
6. Iced Tea
7. Apple Juice
8. 7up
9. Hot chocolate
10. not sure

Anonymous said...

1. Strong, fresh black coffee
2. Fruit 2-O
3. Starbuck's Carmel Latte
4. Nifarita (or Cathy Nash ritas)
5. Merlot
6. Wild Blue beer
7. Strong, fresh black coffee (did I already mention that?)
8. Sonic blackberry tea
9. Crystal Light Peach Tea
10. COFFEE!!

Donuts R Evil said...

My top 10 favorites are mostly not good for me:
1. Good unsweet iced tea
2. Coca Cola from the fountain and on the rocks - so good but so full of sugar!
3. Diet DP - gave it up for the most part but still like it
4. hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmellows
5. Coke floats
6. Water cold but no ice
7. Vanilla milkshakes
8. Capri Sun
9. Icee - cherry or coke flavored - loved these when I was pregnant
10. Tea again - I really like it!

Robin said...

Thanks for the comment!

I love Dr. Pepper from Dublin, TX, orange juice, cranberry juice, oreo milkshakes, unsweetened ice tea (although sometimes sweet tea is great, too), and hot tea with milk and sugar.