Sunday, June 29, 2008

Weekend Update

We had a really full weekend. On Friday our plans were up in the air as Ms. O ran a 103.0 fever. It was simply a virus and seriously only last 12 hours. She woke up about 9:30 pm shivering and didn't run fever again.
We headed to the country on Saturday in time for lunch. #1 and #2 were so excited, it was great! They commented on how pretty everything was on the way and how much fun they were going to have. It was really hot and we did a lot of nothing but it is so special to spend those hours with dear friends. #3 even decided she could sit in big sister's chair and enjoy the breeze!We got to eat a dinner with organic squash, zucchini, onions, and potatoes......all grown in their garden! I even made 2 more quarts of pickles.

This past week #1 and #2 participated in VBS at their Nonnie and PawPaw's church. It was every evening and they had a BLAST! #2 asked one morning at 8 am if it was time to go {it ran from 5:30-8:30PM}. When I told them not til after nap he then asked if he could take a nap RIGHT NOW!
It was so special having Nonnie teach #2's class. She taught #1 for two years and I think those memories are going to be precious. #1 told #2 one morning at breakfast how it wasn't fair that he had such a fun teacher........referring of course to Nonnie! I am impressed that she was able to keep up with 12+ 4 yr olds after working all day. It was great!
This morning was the closing ceremony for VBS. #1 and #2 got to sing on the stage, one of their favorite things! I, of course, teared up as they marched across the stage. I have been so blessed and am completely unworthy of all He has given me. I pray that I might be even more focused and intentional at mothering these incredible creations!!

I pray you had a great weekend, too!

Happy Sunday~


Sarah L. Knapp said...

What great photos, sounds like a good time had by ALL! I love you and miss you and wish I were there but I gotta tell you, God is good isn't He??!?!?!


Becky said...

My kids had a blast at VBS this past week too! I was excited that Agirl got to go as many don't take them that young. She had a blast! I bought the awesome CD of songs and it blesses me to hear her sing "You Never Let Go of me"!!
Nothing more precious that He gives us for sure!!!

Chalcuckles said...

I used to cry at Holli's dance recitals, school plays, just about everything she was in...and then there was the time (VBS or kid's choir) when she stood on the stage and as the rest of the kids sang SHE PICKED HER NOSE.