Sunday, May 25, 2008

This #3 is quite possibly spoiled. She likes 'squishy' cups, not sippy cups. She only likes the ones with the soft top. We are trying to learn how to use the straw, but haven't been successful yet. She also likes her milk warmed. I don't think #1 or #2 knew this option existed! But isn't she cute? And she'll be walking soon.

This dude continues to be hilarious. He says 'Did you notice?' instead of "Did you know?" As in, "Did you notice that today we are going to the beach?" Yes, #2 I DID notice that!

What a gorgeous girl my #1 is turning into. We went to a craw fish boil and we had to tear her away from the table at 830. She was a pro at peeling the extra crawdads. Everett might have hired her if we'd left her!

We are out of town for the next week. Woohoooooooo, a family vacation. At the beach. For 6 days. I am uber pumped. And the kids can't wait to boogie board. We'll see about that.

I hope you have an incredible Memorial Day and last week of May.

Happy Sunday~


Becky said...

It was fun at the boil! I must admit....they are not bad!! :o)
Can't wait to hear...and see about the beach trip! I could be uber green!!
be safe, have fun!

Anonymous said...

Hope yall have a GREAT time!! Cute pics of the kiddos...O is getting so big, as they all are. Miss you all.
aunt lisa

Quiltermama said...

Pictures!!! I need PICTURES of the vacay!!!