Monday, May 19, 2008

Motivational Hump

I need some energy. I have had lots and lots of interest in Art Camp 2008. I have many things left over from last year, posters, paints, books, etc.

I just don't want to do it.

I know that this is my first day off from preschool and my plans aren't til August. There really isn't any rush at the moment.

I don't know what my deal is. It was lots of fun last year. I could fill two weeks rather quickly, I think. So what's my hold up?

Any ideas? Or encouragements?


Anonymous said...

I think you need to take a break for a few weeks, no pre school and don't think about art camp. In two or three weeks if you don't want to do it don't. Not a big deal. I know from experience we can't always be a super MOM!!! Love and hugs
aunt chris

{{shan}} said...

I agree... give yourself a few weeks before planning the next thing. You need a break! :)

alice said...

Me three... in a few weeks, you'll be itchin' for a new "project"... and Art Camp might just fit the bill. Until then, take a break.

Did you blog about last year's camp? Would love to know more about it...

Anonymous said...

me four. take some jamee-time.
aunt lisa

Nicole said...

I agree with everybody else! (I am kinda in a non-motivated funk too) Not sure why, but I think I just need a few days of doing nothing before I tackle another project around here! If I know you then I know you will be ready to go in a few weeks! If not, I am with Aunt Chris, dont worry with it. It was so fun though! Braden still talks about it!

Jaci2424 said...

Sorry, he reacted very well, went in mad and came out a few minutes later smiling, and the best part...I DIDNT HAVE TO CLEAN ANY OF IT UP!!!

Anonymous said...

Todd Weiss
Take it easy for a little, the answer will come to you when you relax. Hi to everyone in the Brick house.
All the best,
your former co teacher
P.S. If you come to H town let's get together with Bobby and the rest at school.

Becky said...

Just enjoy your 3 this summer but....if you do the camp, I think you should take 3 and 1/2 yr. olds with the initials A.D. b/c she can't get enough painting, drawing, 'writing', and playdough every day!!!
Like the new brighter look on the blog!

Sarah L. Knapp said...

Love the new look, very fresh:-)

You need some reading and movie watching and exercising and you time. Wish I were there to hang out...
Love you!

Bobbie said...

Take a break! You can't be "wonder woman" all the time! Spend some quality time with your family...see how you feel in a few weeks. Good luck!