Saturday, April 05, 2008


five of her favorite things to eat:
3-sugar snap peas
4-shell macaroni and cheese

five of her favorite things to wear

five of her favorite things to drink
2-grape juice
4-drinkable yogurt

five of her favorite things to watch
1-sponge bob
5-pbs kids

five of her favorite things to do
1-ride bikes
2-play basketball
3-jump rope
4-go to granny and papa bailey's
5-climb trees

Today my #1 turned 5. And she has had a pretty crummy day. Her stomach hurt all morning and she wasn't able to enjoy her birthday kolache. On the way to our Day in the Country she threw up all over the car. After a shower and some rest she was begging to go see her best friend. We relented, the weather was TOO BEAUTIFUL to stay home. But I don't think she had any fun. She couldn't eat anything and it was hard for her to walk around the grounds. We had plans with my parents to go to a restaurant she has been really wanting to go to, but this tummy just won't let up. Though she rallied for a bit while trying on her new mask and snorkel set from Aunt Kat she wasn't up to eating her gorgeous pink birthday cake.

Poor baby! I think a stomach bug has to rank up there pretty high with terrible ways to spend your birthday!

Happy Birthday, Bean!!!! I love you.


Susan said...

Oh no! I am sorry to hear that she was sick on her birthday. That was not fun for anyone!

Kathleen said...

So sorry she was sick for her birthday!! I hope she's feeling better soon. Happy Birthday, Hannah!

Kelly said...

Happy Birthday Bean! I am sorry you had such a yucky day. Brandt woke up with a nasty stomach bug on his 3rd birthday, and it was no fun. Hopefully you will be up for some cake soon!

Justin said...

Upset stomach pales in comparison to lost finger.

That could have been the worst evening of all of our nights. :)

Sarah L. Knapp said...

A.) She's beautiful and that photograph is so cool!

B.) She's just about the sweetest girl and I can't believe she's 5! Must be those great parents she has;-)

Love you Bean!!!

kelli said...

sweet girl! sorry she was sick!

I enjoy your blog - I hope you don't mind that you're on my friends list!

Angela said...

5 years has gone by so fast, I feel so blessed to be even a small part of it. Happy Golden Birthday Bean, I love you.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthmonth, beautiful Bean!! We will make it to Fish Daddy's as soon as you are ready...maybe this weekend. You are one of big reasons that being a Grammy is so wonderful!!!!!!!

Quiltermama said...

Happy B-Day Bean!!!

(Just tell Brickmomma a make-up celebration is in order! A BIG one!!! :-) )

Brooke said...

Happy Birthday! Jamee---I added yo uas a friend!