Thursday, February 21, 2008

Teething Thursday

Some of you may know Ms. Ruby. She is an institution in the baby room at my church's nursery. She is over 80 and takes care of babies with more faithfulness than I have ever seen.
She loves my #3. She makes me feel like O is her favorite. And though I know she is just doing a good job of loving on my babe, a tiny part of me is just a bit proud!
I do have an easy going baby and I have posted that point before. Both #1 and #2 were good sleepers but this girl just takes the cake. If we are home and she has her crib, I bet she sleeps 18-20 hours a day. Her momma's girl!
At Mother's Day Out sleep is a little more elusive. There is just so much going on and #3 might miss something! Again, I know her mother! But she is generally happy and smiling throughout the day.
Monday when I went to pick her up from Ms. Ruby she told me that O was teething and that I needed to bring some ointment or tylenol. Ms. Ruby said "O was fretful and my girl is never fretful!"
So what did I do Wednesday? Filled out a medicine form and told Ms. Mary to administer it if O gets fretful. And she did. And then Ms. Ruby held her while she slept. Oh, how blessed I am by that baby room! I am not looking forward to when they move #3 up to the crawler room!
Last night #3 was again fretful. This time at 3:45 am. I gave her tylenol at 4. She finally went back to sleep at 4:20. However, I turned off my alarm that was set for 4:50 am and did not make it to pump.
Ah well. For those of you keeping an eye on my weight loss ticker, yes it is true that I haven't updated it in a few weeks. I had lost almost 6, gained 3ish back and am now officially down the entire 6. Hopefully on weigh-in Monday I can change it again.
Happy Thursday~


Becky said...

I've never seen her fretful so, I know those toothies must hurt! I know the blessing....Ms. Ruby loves both of mine too!

Jennifer said...

There's a great teacher in the crawler room! She'll do a good job. :)

Sarah L. Knapp said...

It's been 3 weeks today since I've been to spin or the Y at all so I get the not going to the gym part. But keep the faith and yay on the 6 pounds ROCKSTAR:-)

Anonymous said...

We missed you at pump today. The triceps work up was particularly hard. Maybe next week...

Emily said...

I second Jennifer on the crawler room!! They love on my Ally and I love them for that!!(By the way--my weight loss total is a big fat 0!)

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking of getting a black vinyl fat burning suit...What do ya think??? ;-)

Proud of you!!! For SO many reasons!!! You're awesome, Mrs. J!!!


Kalley said...

You are such a good Mama. I love hearing what you do with your kiddos and the birthday idea is so great! Thanks for the comments on potty training. I think we are going to hold off until he's a little older...he is so stubborn and I don't think this is something I want to fight him on. He'll get it when he's ready or at least when the kids in first grade start making fun of him:)