Thursday, December 06, 2007


It is official, I witnessed it with my own eyes last night. Twice!

#3 can put her pacifier back in her mouth all by herself. While in bed. Without really waking up. This is huge. For those of you without kiddos, I am sure this post will bore you. With those of you with thumb suckers......skip ahead. However, some of you out there know exactly how great this is.

She is 7 1/2 months old and every single night of her sweet little life I have gotten up at least once to find the blessed plug and give it back to her. And last night I didn't!!

She has been playing around a lot with it while awake and I noticed yesterday she hit her target with regularity. After she went down I went back in to check on her....she stretched out, felt the pacifier and pulled it straight to her mouth. The right end and everything........Wahooooooooo!!

Next thing I know she'll be crawling.......time is flying!


Justin said...


erin said...

i wish karsyn would have taken some lessons. that's why we had to get rid of the pacifier. :)

almost 8 months already? time flies.

Anonymous said...

Can she roll over yet???? (dont get mad jamee, remember this old joke?) haha. That really is quite a milestone !!! way to go baby O!
aunt lisa

Snap said...

I've decided it's time I've gotten some new pics of Miss Olivia. I am guessing she's grown a bit since July. Just a shot of her in the crib will do, I miss her and bet H & D have not grown quite as much as her:-)

Justin said...

Guess what! I got Hungry Hungry Hippos for #1 & #2 for Xmas! What's the coolest part about it? It's MADE IN AMERICA!!!! :)

I got number three to very, very, VERY soft (#3 sized) stuffed animals. I'm not kidding though, these things are crazy soft...I'm half tempted to keep one for myself. :) Unfortunately, all of the baby stuff I saw was MADE IN CHINA (SSSSSSS!). At least we know she can't get her finger stuck in stuffed animals, eh? But....I guess there's always a chance those darned Chinese manufacturers used Lead-based dye for the color. Ugh.