Thursday, November 29, 2007

three on thursday

I enjoyed reading your comments so much that I wanted more!

Three things always found in my generally bare refrigerator:

1. Baby carrots

2. Square cheese

3. Skim milk

Nothing exciting here. What is always in your fridge?

Happy Thursday~


Kelly said...

I always seem to have:
1. Juice
2. Pediasure
3. Butter

Nothing too exciting here either. I can't even say I always have milk, because I was out for almost a week before my lazy self got to the store to get it yesterday.

Anonymous said...

1. With 4 boys (two teenagers), we always have an average of 3 gallons of milk each 3-4 days....yeah that means 8 gallons a week!!!
2. butter
3. Ranch

{{shan}} said...

1. Milk
2. Pickles
3. Diet Dr. Pepper

I might need a nutritional makeover!!

Bobbie said...

Old food!!! My niece cleaned out my fridge while we were away...she said she threw out lots of outdated stuff. I always have Lactaid milk(signs of getting old), yogurt smoothies for my grandson, string cheese, organic pb, jelly...nothing very exciting. Guess I should do a survey and see what's hiding in the back!

Anonymous said...

1.Ketchup for you know who
2. 2-3 kinds of mustard
3. cheese
4. usually something old unless you or your sister have been here recently :)

Anonymous said...

Since my computer has been "down" im still wanting to comment on your last blog about the infamous Christmas-eve candelight service program catching on fire. I look over from a few seats down and there is (we aren't nameing names??) trying to fight her own small fire right there in the pew. I thought I was going to implode from holding in my laughter as the father of this person (we still aren't naming names???) stomps out the burning bush ( I mean bulletin) on the floor. Now, this has been a few years, so I hope Im telling this story correctly, but boy did that Christmas eve service leave a page in my memory!! what a HOOT.
aunt lisa

Andrea said...

In the fridge -
1. grapes - usually NOT fresh
2. sour cream - we buy it by the quart around here
3. cream cheese

Anonymous said...

1. milk
2. yogart drinks for the kids (I secretly think they're gross, but they adore them so! :o) )
3. seedless red grapes

It seems like the refrigerator empties out more than before kids...hmmmmmmmmm! I'm not sure if it's because they eat so much or that my hubby and I haven't eating fancy restaurant dinners since having them! :o) They're a million percent worth it though!!! :-)


The Saenz Family Rawks said...

1. milk (unless it is Thursday or Friday)
2. Chuck E Cheese String Cheese (used to cost less than $3, with a coupon on the back for $3 in free it comes out to a little over $3 with $3 in tokens)
3. Apple Juice- Kalea CAN'T LIVE (said very dramatically) without a daily glass of apple juice

Justin said...

Ouch...Jamee...the red font hurts my eyes.

Things in my fridge?

1. Apple Juice
2. Chocolate Syrup/Milk
3. Leftover food.

MiChal said...

Remember that Charlie & I are empty-nesters...

1. Organic milk (usually whole milk - so delicious!)

2. Sweetwater Valley sharp cheddar cheese (made on a family farm in east Tennessee; the best cheese we've ever eaten)

3. Beer