Monday, November 19, 2007

Recall Monday

As a mother of small children I have been made aware of the many recalls going on right now with children's' toys. Truth be told, I haven't really made too much of it. Honestly, I have not gone thru the baskets of toys to weed out the offenders. We did get an easy bake oven last Christmas that was recalled earlier this year. I knew about the recall. I chose to do nothing about it.

We have only used it a few times and I was always right there while the food was baking. Well today Mr. Brick felt it should go in the trash. It was dangerous and we didn't need it. I countered that as long as said children were being supervised there was no big deal. He came back with a retort and I said fine, trash it. He put it in the garage to await trash day.

Fast forward 5+ hours. #1 sees beloved oven in the garage and brings it in to play with while we are cooking dinner and enjoying the company of our supper club. #1 asks if she can use her oven, we say no. She asks if she can just pretend. We say yes. We have a friendly discussion regarding recalls, poorly supervised children, etc. {The easybake gift giver happens to be part of our supper club} Within 3 minutes #1 has her finger stuck in the oven. Really stuck. She is screaming. I am panicking, trying to pull her fingers from the oven. Mr. Brick tries to get them out. There are frantic moments where I envision #1 losing her fingernail or worse. I yell at Mr. Brick to open the oven. It was scary. Finally Mr. Brick bends the metal with a screw driver and #1's finger is freed. It had a huge dent in it and was pretty purple, but it was intact. And now it is fine, just a little sore.

So what is the moral of this story? Recalls are real. Good parents sometimes look away. And throw away those easy bakes! Can you imagine if it had been plugged in and turned on? Oh my.

Happy Monday~


Angela said...

Totally not your fault, the chances of her getting hurt from something recalled is 1 in thousands. I am glad it worked it!

Snap said...

Life is never boring at the Brick House is it?!?!?! :-)

Justin said...

I admit it. It was ME that gave the easy bake oven.

And I would have gotten away with it if it weren't for that meddlesome screw driver.


Anonymous said...

easy bake oven, ha! Back in my day we didn't have one of those things, I say give them all a box and a piece of for hours :)
~ Jaci

Anonymous said...

I always wanted one of those...never got one...I think because mom was afraid I'd accidentally burn the house down...and with my luck (accident prone, never getting away with anything), I might've!

On the positive side...You may want to hang onto the oven (hide it of course), contact the company (they all have websites with phone numbers for customer service for recalls,etc.) with the information posted on it (MODEL #, ETC) and get a coupon for the value of the oven, etc. You may already know this, but I thought I'd let you know just in case!


Anonymous said...

P.S. give the boo-booed finger plenty of kisses for me!