Thursday, October 18, 2007

Happy Birthday Rockstar!

Today is my cousin Sarah's thirtieth birthday! We reach our birthdays a mere 32 days apart. I don't think I fully realized the coolness of that until recently. My cousin is amazing. We have lived in different states for the last 25 years and she has faithfully maintained our relationship. She wrote me letters when we were in junior high and I doubt if I ever returned them. I am a jerk that way. Then sometime in college we found email and our friendship blossomed. We have an incredible bond, one made by blood but grown and developed through love and dedication.

She is an aspiring screenwriter and she blows me away with her talent. The words she writes make me cry. The way she can picture things and capture the moment is pure genius. I am proud to be related to her. She is the queen of thank you notes and my inspiration to journal. She is crafty and thrifty and loves to cook. She basically rocks the house!

Though we only share a grandmother on our dads' side, the bond is much stronger. Or perhaps that is why it is so strong. Her ties to her family are made of steel. She is a helper when her sister falls ill. She makes the trek north at least twice a year and always lets me know when something is amiss. AND she blogs. Her link is on the right.....Arizona Sarah.......check her out.

We have seen each other the past two summers and I pray that tradition continues. It is my turn to head west! She is currently in a transitional period, determining where she will head back to grad school. Yep, you read that right....she already has one masters degree and is heading back in for go! I am trying to get her to come to the Lone Star State, we'll see how persuasive I can be :)

I wanted so desperately to join her in vegas for her thirtieth. That girl is doing it in style! I will save my pennnies and maybe we can rendezvous for our 40th!

I love you, rockstar!


Anonymous said...

You are the best, you are a wife, a mom, a career person and a great writer. Your blog about Sarah made me cry. Thank you for being so special to me. Only one little problem I can't belevie the two of you are thirty. Love and Hugs Aunt chris

Snap said...

So my mom called me in Vegas on Thursday and read this over the phone to me and of course I cried. You are wonderful love. Just simply wonderful. And you make those of us blessed enough to know you feel wonderful too.
Thank you.