Thursday, September 20, 2007


how do you ground a 3 year old?

#2 just took a giant bite out of #1's upper arm.
broke the skin.
it's purple.
she's crying.
he got a spanking.
what else do i do?

he had a biting problem about a year ago or more, but it has been eons since his last chomp. i don't know how to discipline this.....



leslie said...

You applied swift justice and that's key. Try not to react too explosively (hard to do in this instance for sure!) b/c that may encourage repeat behavior. Also mention to D that you understand feeling frustrated but biting is unacceptable. Just stick to your guns, apply the swift justice, and move on. Praying for you.....

Justin said...

send him to bed without dinner...

(that could be the worst punishment ever, but your the childhood development specialist, not me...and that's all I've got.) :)

Anonymous said...

His grounding could be applying ice on sister's arm three times a day, getting her something cold to drink, writing her a letter/picture of how sorry he is......the ice will really sink in that her injury really hurts. If we break something-we have to fix it kind of lesson.

P.S. Cocoa in the mouth also works:)

emilybmyers said...'ve got some good ideas here. I may need to blog about some of MKs issues...I need the discipline help! Hang in there, I'm sure you've handled it well.

MiChal said...

I know this can be scary but in about 10+ years from now you'll long for days like this. Looking back, dealing with the trio's childhood issues will seem easy as pie.

Angela said...

Bite him, that's what my mom did and it cured me!

You won't read that in any textbook and I too have a degree in the wee ones but sometimes different things are called for, hang in there!

Anonymous said...

I think Anglea is trying to get me in trouble with the child abuse police I did bite her not hard but enough so she new. of course she did not tell you she bit Sarah and Me.

Anonymous said...

Just tell him sure don't bite me, because I'm a baby when it comes to getting bit! LOL!!! :o)

But seriously, I just guilted my kids on this one about hurting their sibling (& how they should take care of each other, etc.), and that took care of it. D has a tender heart, so that may be all that's needed.

Love Ya!!!