Tuesday, September 25, 2007

10 on Tuesday

O is 5 months old today! I cannot believe that 5 months and 2 hours ago this sweet thing came into my arms. What a joy!

Ten things I love about #3:

1. She sleeps through the night.

2. Her smile is so giant I want to jump in her mouth!

3. She recognizes the little ditty I sing her daily.

4. She lights up when #1 and #2 give her attention.

5. She has a pleasant temperament.

6. She transitioned easy as pie to the big girl crib.

7. When she is super fussy she calms down outside.

8. I just love her full name.

9. She giggles so sweetly.

10. Can I say the sleep part again???

We knew mid way through the pregnancy that #3 would also be #last of our babies. I am trying to savor each moment and it is different this time. I know more of what is coming . With #1 and #2 so close behind I wasn't aware of the stages to come. Now I do and I am looking forward to her little personality. Though I hope we have room in this house for it!

She is such an easy baby. Sometimes we forget we have 3 kiddos. Not that we forget her, but she is a good sleeper and not much of a crier........and for that I am thankful!

~Happy Tuesday


Snap said...

Happy 5th month birthday O! She looks so grown-up! I love you both:-)

Anonymous said...

She DOES have a great smile and SUCH a sweet disposition!!! How blessed we all are to know Miss O! :-)


Christine said...

That is the cutest picture. She is adorable!!