Friday, August 17, 2007

15 on Friday

My first ever ArtCamp is over and boy did we have fun! Here are 15 things I learned this week:

1. You can never have too much newspaper.

2. Jackson Pollock MUST have painted outside.

3. I way over estimated supply usage.

4. The cast of Sesame Street hasn't changed since 1982.

5. Paint = more energetic children

6. Mr. Kyle can draw a mean hopscotch trail.

7. Silly Sally is the best book ever.

8. Miss Miranda is a natural with children.

9. My playroom is a perfect art camp locale.

10. Michelangelo did a lot of nudes.

11. I love watching children interact with each other.

12. Matisse was a pretty cool guy.

13. 13 children make for a messy lunch time.

14. Children like to title their art work.

15. I am totally doing ArtCamp 2008!


Becky said...

I LOVE "Silly Sally"!!!!
Glad it was so fun and so successful! Yeah! Will Anna be old enough next time??!!

Kelly said...

Awesome Jamee! I am so glad you had a great time. If you do it a week earlier next year, you might be getting all my boys. lol Well at least the older 2. haha

Snap said...

I am so glad it went well - enjoy tomorrow morning, you deserve it love!

Jennifer Bacak said...

We will definitely be back for Art Camp 2008! My kids had a blast!!! Thank you so much for doing this. I just scratched my art unit week off of my homeschool lesson plans, because you just did it for me! It was REALLY amazing!

DeAnn said...

Caden will be 3 next summer - is that old enough? He LOVES painting & coloring now.