Monday, July 16, 2007

Cousin Camp

I am blessed enough to have 2 cousins very close to my age. Sarah is a mere 32 days younger than me and Angela is just a few years behind us. They live in Arizona and teach middle school....yes, they ARE saints!

I took them back to the airport today after spending 7 wonderful days with them. The patience they had with my kiddos! They taste they have in music! The fun they make of my husband! The words they say differnt from us! Did you know that in Michigan the foam thing you put your coke can in is called a 'cozy' not a koozie? Me neither!

We had a wonderful time. We watched 4 movies. We compared playlists in Itunes. We ate ice cream THREE nights in a row.....{I know Kelly, you are probably going to win the biggest loser!} We toured the MSC, the mall, and Hobby Lobby twice. Played Scrabble and name that tune with Aunt Bird on the harmonica. We even made dinosaur food.

What was best about the trip was the comfort level between us. Very quickly Angela picked up on my discipline style and made sure #1 and #2 toed the line. I think she fed #3 more often than I did this past week. Neither would let #3 cry for longer than a few seconds before picking her up! We stayed up late; laughing, talking and laughing some more. We slept in somewhat, one day we stayed in our jammies til 3 pm when we put our swim suits on and headed to the clam pool.

I doubt you wanted a play by play of my week. However I wanted to get it down how very grateful I am for my cousins. For our past, our shared heritage and our genuine friendship regardless of the blood connection!

I miss them so~


Christie said...

Looks like y'all had a blast glad you had a good visit!

Kelly said...

I am so glad you had a good time! Isn't it so fun when you get to spend quality time with family and really just have the best time!!! Leaving is the hard part. lol Did I tell you that as Dustin's cousin let us out at the airport both my older boys stood on the sidewalk and bawled, and I mean bawled! Poor guys!

Snap said...

I miss you too Rockstar...and your whole entourage:-)
Love you LOTS and LOTS!

Angela said...

I miss you too and the kiddos! We went to Denny's and Sarah was figuring out when kids eat free! Love you - Angela

Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun!!! :-)

I enjoyed hearing about it!!!


Leslie said...

You sound so refreshed. Isn't girl time just the absolute best? Glad you had a good visit.