Sunday, June 24, 2007

In need of prayer.....

Please pray for Leslie and baby Reagan. Their husband and daddy, Jimy Malone, was killed on Saturday by a roadside bomb in Iraq. Leslie is my cousin's cousin and Reagan is 5 months old. Her daddy was able to meet her soon after she was born in January. Other soldiers were also killed in this attack.

This happens every day. I have become so numb and insensitive that I glaze over when the stories are aired on tv. I skip over anything having to do with the war in the newspaper. I feel so helpless that I would rather pretend it is not even happening.

Then this happens.

Someone I know is directly affected.

A part of my extended family is hurting so badly.

And I ache.

I ache for all the babies who lose their daddies. And their mommies.

I ache for the women who lose their husbands. The men who lose their wives.

Mankind is sinful. Suffering is inevitable. Thankfully, in moments like this I am drawn even closer to my God. I am clinging to the promises of Heaven. I am hopeful for the future. And I am praying for Leslie and baby Reagan. Won't you join me?

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Anonymous said...

How terribly sad!!!

I sure will!!!