Tuesday, June 12, 2007

31 years

A lot can happen in 31 years.

On June 12, 1976 my parents were married in Howell, Michigan. He was 22, she was 19. They quickly had 2 daughters. They have had at least a dozen dogs. She went to nursing school. He found a job in Texas. They have changed address 8 times, been through a couple of job changes, him more than her. They have relocated across the country twice, given their eldest a beautiful wedding and are now known as Grammy and Poppy. He loves to cook on the grill, she loves to knit. Their youngest daughter considers them her best friends and knows their music as well as they do. They reside on a river with a beautiful backyard. She is in charge of mowing the almost acre lot and he only touches her orange riding mower to dry it off after it rains. He waters the plants, they both pull some weeds. He said it was good for his health, living in that place.

They have had their ups and downs. They are an example in perservance, forgivness, answered prayers and love. Being married for 31 years deserves a medal of some sort, especially in these times of lost relationships. I am proud of them.

Happy Anniversary, Mama and Papa, aka: Grammy and Poppy.


Laura Pattillo said...

Congrats to your mom and dad! How exciting that David and I share the same anniversary with them (6/12). The other side to that is that you're parents have been married only 6 more years that me and David - WOW! I'm thinking that is making me feel very old (hehehehehe).

Tell them congratulations for me.

Love y'all.

Anonymous said...

How sweet!!!



Anonymous said...

Hooray for Grammy and Poppy! Though I've never met them, their legacy shines in you.

leslie said...

oops, forgot to add my name to my previous comment!