Thursday, May 31, 2007

Summertime, Summertime

Oh how my heart is sad. Not broken, just sad. Sad in the way only a parent can be. Sad because my dear little girl is sad. She came to my bed in tears this morning. Big, huge crocodile tears. She said "Daddy said I won't have my same teachers anymore. He said I wouldn't have my same friends anymore." She said it in such an accusatory tone, like Daddy was such a meanie.
When I told her that was a true story she kept the waterworks coming and was just heartbroken. She made me get up right then to send an email to Ms. Tera and Ms. Sarah. She loves those ladies and they love her back.
I am trying to figure out a way to break it to her that we will not be in preschool next year. We decided as a family it made more financial and emotional sense for me to stay home from teaching and 'homeschool preschool.' Paying 3 half tuitions plus getting 3 children up and ready 3 days a week as well as keeping my classroom running seemed a bit daunting for me and I figured I would still work in the nursery T/Th so that #1 and #2 could get their social fix.

Now I am second guessing that decision. #1 is such a sponge for knowledge and I don't doubt we could ge the 'school' part done. But she has tasted the fun of school and will definitely notice that our playroom is not like the center room. We will see how the summer goes. I hate to see her sad. I cannot protect her from life though I wish I could. And yet I am thankful on this Thursday that she is sad because school is over and that everything else is going pretty swell in her little life!


Kelly said...

Brandt is going through the same thing as well. I emailed a bunch of other moms from his class to set up a play date and so far that is working and he seems to be ok. Good luck!!!

Becky said...

You know we would want you back in a split second to teach PS!!! I can't imagine how difficult that would be with 3!! I know that you have made the best decision in that aspect for your family.
I will be praying about this situation for you. Perhaps God would provide a way that you could send just Hannah. She will grow and flourish under your care and teaching just as well, if she is to stay home in the fall, probably better! But, I know that sadness factor that you write of!
Be sure and tell her that she can still seek out and see Ms. Tera and Ms. Sarah at church!

Anonymous said...

Inquire about a scholarship or never know who might be sympathic. I know it isn't all about the money but money never hurts right?


Snap said...

I love that she is a sponge! And I know that she'll learn where ever and whenever, God and her awesome parents will make sure of that:-)
Love you,

Laura Pattillo said...

Poor Hannah Bean! But how awesome is that that she has such a heart for wanting to learn and to be social. Experience taught me with Sarah something that might help though - maybe if you told her that she could help with the baby while you worked with David maybe it would give her some ownership and something to look forward to. When Sarah was that age - if she thought she would get to help to be responsible for something she was so excited. Remind me to tell you about the note from her Kindergarden teacher! Tell her y'all will be able to do other things that you wouldn't get to do if you were going to preschool and get excited about it and then she will get excited about it. Play dates with kids from the school will help too.

I know it's hard when they are emotional like that but pray about it and God will provide and have faith that he will make the way.

All my love!