Thursday, April 05, 2007

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday, dear Bean!

Happy Birthday to you!

4 years ago today someone very special entered our lives. She did so rather dramatically, and that is another story. However she has been such a blessing to us and I am more than happy to celebrate her all day today!

We have a tradition of the birthday door in this house which is crepe paper streamers hanging across the frame. They usually last a couple of days before they get torn down. She ran in to our room at about 6:45 and was so excited about her striped door. When her daddy got out of the shower she said "Daddy I am 4 now!" He said, "You are? When did you turn 4?" And she said "Just now!"


Then her daddy took her out for a breakfast date and she got to wear her pjs.....she was pretty pumped about that, too.

Bean is so smart, kind, inquisitive, sensitive, thoughtful, beautiful, caring, active, creative, affectionate and on and on and on! As she enters her 5th year my prayer is that she will continue to grow into the young woman God has planned for her. That she will stretch and move in places that cause her to search for God and to see the beauty in His creation. That she will continue to be healthy and happy and loving to all around her. I am so thankful for her this Thursday and every day.

Happy Birthday, Bean!

I love you! Love, Momma


Kelly said...

Happy birthday Bean! I hope you have a wonderful birthday. You are a very special and sweet girl.

Laura Pattillo said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY HANNAH!!!!!!! I hope you have a fantastic day.

All our love -
Laura and Aggie Sarah!!!!!!

Snap said...

Happy birthday Hannah Bean and happy baby's birthday mom and dad Brick! I hope you all have an awesome day:-) Love you - Sarah

Nicole said...

She is so precious & truly all those things you said! Tell her Miss Nicole said Happy Birthday!

PS did you notice Bboy in the background? hee hee.

Jessica said...

Happy Birthday, Hannah! She has the sweetest smile! Thinking of your family now more than ever!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday pretty princess girl! I love that my little princess and you are friends!


Ms. CeCe