Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Ice, Ice baby

Too cold

Too cold

I will stop, though I can recite the enitre song.........

We are home keeping warm today. Mr. Brick had to go to work this morning, I guess the ice doesn't slow down the bad guys. We are staying in our jammies, watching movies and playing Little People Circus....pretty fun!

Yesterday we watched Cars, Click, Cinderella.....hmmmm, guess it was a C day! Mr. Brick and Justin watched Xmen 3 while I watched an Oprah rerun and the Golden Globes.....lots of TV time. Mr. Brick and I watched the post race program after the Houston marathon and were inspired to exercise, how can you not be? Of course, it is very convienient that all of the raids are covered in ice and our gym membership is expired....I guess we will continue mapping our routes.....

I was planning on having a more productive day today while stuck inside, but so far that has not been the case. The kids are playing, not watching the boob tube, however I am stuck to the internet.....need to fold laundry perhaps.

I hope you are warm and safe wherever you are....stay off the bridges!


Anonymous said...

We had Monday off (holiday) so by the time Sat and Sunday passed (and staying inside because of the weather), I was itchin' to get out by Monday. Dan, Jaci and I hit the roads and went shopping/lunching/ and starbucks'ing! But your description reminds me of me on saturday and Sunday...barely out of my pajamas! Hope yall are feeling better by now and over your colds.
Love ya bunches,
aunt lisa

Snap said...

I envy you and your jammies. I braved the cold world today!
Love you all - S.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear it was a jammies and movies day for ya'll too! :-)

My neighbors all got up early, got dressed, got their kids dressed and cleaned house, etc. (I think I might live in the Stepford subdivision--ha ha)

Your email was therapeutic, because I started to feel guilty...Now, I just feel normal! :-)

Love Ya, Momma Brick!