Tuesday, December 19, 2006


I have been tagged- how funny, a virtual childhood game! the point appears to be to tell 5 things folks may not know about you and then pass on the tag on to 5 more friends.....here goes:

1. While in high school I slipped in cat pee and have had a knee injury ever since. Perhaps that is why I do not care for the feline creatures.

2. I once dyed my hair with red kool aid. It looked like blood running down my body when I took a shower. Eewwwww!

3. I worked for a pay phone company and had to refund someone a DIME one summer.

4. I am addicted to reading and cannot go even a few minutes without it.....magazines, cereal boxes, newspapers, cookbooks, phone books....everything and anything.

5. My first roller coaster was the Walbash Cannon Ball at Opryland in Nashville. That was also my husband's first roller coaster. We both went while in junior high and had no idea each other existed! Must be fate :)

Now I tag Justin, Sarah K., Angela, Sarah S. and Andrea W. Give up all your secrets!

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Anonymous said...

These aren't all really secrets...just things people might not know about me.

Kind of embarassing: I really, really like The Little House on the Prairie...and I kind of like Gilmore Girls.

As a kid: I bowled in a league weekly for six or seven years.

Ouch: I worked for a pizza place and screwed up somebody's order twice. It took two hours before they got the right order. :(

Hobbies: I'm a politics freak. I read and will talk politics with anybody anywhere.

I was in journalism all four years of highschool, and was an editor of the paper my senior year.

Sorry my stuff is kind of bland. :)