Saturday, September 02, 2006


So, my sister thought it would be so fun if we took a sewing class together. This summer we took a 3 class Introduction to Sewing part I. It was fun, we reminisced about our Mom sewing and made really nifty kleenex holders for our purses. I haven't sewn since. I needed napmat covers for my children and thought about how quaint it would be if I made my own covers.....PRIDE, I know!

We picked out really cute material and it was even on sale! I spent naptime yesterday measuring, cutting and pinning material. Today was the day to sew. I have forgotten how. I have forgotten how to thread the needle. I have forgotten how the bobbin is supposed to work. I called Aunt Bird to come help and she was not sure, either. My trusty neighbor came over, had it ready in 3 minutes and then I messed it up again. I tried to fix it myself, in spite of nice neighbor's promises of unlimited help this afternoon and now I have BROKEN THE NEEDLE.


That is my frustration, can you feel it? I could have given the cute material to my good friend who would have had the covers made up in a jiffy this weekend while at her mom's. I could have asked nice neighbor for help again when it got jammed. So many things I could have done and now I am feeling so helpless. I know that needles break often and I think I have even broken this machine's before. I just wish I were crafty and skilled and able.

Guess I will go ask for help again.........................


Snap said...

That does stink! I know what you mean:-) Sometimes life can be so frustrating, like when I can't fix the DSL myself and the cable company can't help. Or when I don't know a thing about my car and the garage thinks I should put 1200 dollars into it!! Ugh:-)
I empathize with you. But it'll work out - I know it will. And rejoice, I am sure it's not a heat index of 122 there today!

Anonymous said...

Don't give up, Brickmama! Everyone meets these frustrations when working on a new skill! Once you get past this necessary learning curve, you'll have more fun with it!

:-) ,


Laura P said...

There is this girl that lives in college station who comes and eats meals at your house and who plays with your kids who sews - get her to help you. I'm sure she would love to help and come play!

Christine said...

I know the frustration. I learned and have now forgotten. does your sewing machine have an instruction booklet? Mine tells me how to thread the needle because I have to look at it every single time.

how was school today?