Monday, July 24, 2006


So-------I need to take a computer literacy class. The class I took in 7th grade just doesn't cut it anymore. I want my blog to look cool, or at least normal and I can't even achieve that at the moment.
Little brick#2 continues to struggle with his nasty ear infection, we got the gunk suctioned out today. Poor baby! Nonnie felt bad for him so the whole family got McDonalds for lunch, whoopeeeee! Actually, the asian salad was spectacular! Thanks Nonnie!
Oh, maybe I just figured out how to make paragraphs? We had a great weekend, Grammy and Poppy made the trek from the River and the little bricks enjoyed their playtime! #1 gave Grammy her entire itinerary via telephone, including videos to watch and time for exercise. The best part was the delciouso breakfast buffet from Golden Corral........its ok with me if we have dessert after breakfast! #2 even got gummy bears.
We went to a gorgeous wedding Saturday night, such a testament to enduring strength and overcoming adversity. The bride wore pale pink and most everyone in attendance knew that commemorated her battle with breast cancer, a survivor already and she hasn't had her 34th birthday yet. The wedding was actually a celebration for the entire family, as the bride's younger brother was killed over 14 years ago in a car accident. I have always felt the mom looked sad whenever I saw her after that day, who can blame her? Yet Saturday night Tina looked magical........nearly as much as the bride.......Yay for happy days!
Yeah, paragraphs!
Ok, I have made dinner for my friend who had the new baby and in the process made dinner for my family. I took a 20 minute power nap and all that is left to do is fold laundry, arhhhh! Enjoy the clouds if you have them.....

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Angela said...

He gets the gummy bear thing from me, I love them!