Monday, July 17, 2006

Monday, Monday, Monday

Actually, we have had a marvelous Monday! We woke up AFTER 7 and went to the gym for a good workout. Then we walked to HEB for a few groceries, as our friends were coming for lunch. HEB has some pretty nifty carts and today we chose the one with the little bench seat in front of the basket for the little bricks to ride. I felt like I was steering an 18 wheeler thru the lanes. Towards the end of our trip little brick #1 unbuckled herself and stood up, declaring she was skate boarding, too cute! Later today when we were talking about our day thus far I asked her about the shopping trip. She told me about the cart and I couldn't understand what she was saying. She repeated herself, then said "you know, like the mommas sit on at the park and rest." She was refering, of course to the.......bench girl! Tonight Aunt Bird is coming to babysit while the big bricks go to dinner sans children. Should be a fun evening, wish we could afford the restuarant where we are meeting our friends. Ah well, the steak will be worth it! Back to our lunch dates: Momma Brick's very good friend has been living in Spain for the last 9 months. I have known Leslie since 8th grade when we were on the swim team together and we have been great friends ever since. We have had lots of physical distance between us ever since high school graduation in 1995, however our phone conversations can easily last 45 minutes or longer and we are enjoying moving through life and comparing our notes. Lately her story has been much more cultural I found out after looking at her Valencia pictures! Anyway, she and her three blonde beauties came over to check out the new brick haus. The kids had lots of fun playing together and the mommas loved to catch up! We even talked shoes and clothes and are planning on a pedicure date later in the week. See what I mean about marvelous? I hope you have such a friend in your life! Little brick #1 just asked me to drive her to the circus tomorrow while little brick #2 continues to slumber. I am off to ready myself for my dinner date, adios!

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